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The art and science of web marketing and digital branding.

Kjell Gunnar Bleivik 09.28.2009 Staus: Will be updated with additional information.

There is no need for a formal background in mathematics and statistics to write articles that in a social networking space are soon spread all over the world wide web. The fact is that a scientific background may be an advantage, but it is far from sufficient.

The heading may provoke you, but the fact is that digital marketing is both an art and a science. To fully understand the search engines, you have to have a certain statistical and mathematical background. The algorithms of the search engines is only known by insiders. There is much speculation (Is PageRank the Primary Google Search Ranking Factor?) on forums and blogs on how these algorithms are working and programmed. There is no need for a formal background in mathematics and statistics to write articles that in a social networking space are soon spread all over the world wide web. The fact is that a scientific background may be an advantage, but it is far from sufficient. There are companies and persons that can both make a good living of online marketing and do well on the search engine result pages, SERP's for short. This is often synonymous with success in the digital industry. There is a fierce competition in getting the top position on the SERP's. That means traffic and traffic is the driver behind sales and success.

Tim Berners-Lee and his staff has started the web science research initiative and try to create a science of the web.

"The Web is the largest human information construct in history. The Web is transforming society"

A lot of different activities and branches of science intersect and combine. Together they form the building blocks of this complex scientific network.

  • Computer science.
  • Web engineering.
  • Artificial intelligence.
  • Media.
  • Mathematics.
  • Sociology.
  • Etc.

are all important ingredients. Some of these fields overlap more than other fields. It is not difficult to see how the search engine business all fit well into the above list. On this site's more informal daughter site, we wrote:

When Google turned advertising into a software application, a classic services business formerly based on human economics (things get more expensive each year) switched to software economics (things get cheaper).

Google turned advertising into a software application. And Google, as the world lagest online media company is much more than software. It is not least, bandwidth, hardware and networking infrastructure that it is difficult for other companies to compete with.

When you are surfing the web for content, you are not worrying about markup and code if the information is clear and concise.

"A reasonable man adapts himself to suit his environment. An unreasonable man persists in attempting to adapt his environment to suit himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man". George Bernard Shaw

The search engine bot has no problem indexing content on a standard HTML web page, even if you embed presentation information and behavior in your HTML markup. But the site may look a little 1990's and if you run a web design and SEO company, it may be an advantage to separate content, presentation and behavior that we wrote about on DigitalStart. The top of laziness is to do everything correct from the beginning. If you build a house, (of standards) most of us care about functionality and design. You do not care so much about the standards used even if that may be important in case of a complaint. If incorrect standards are used, you have a stronger case. A web site is eProperty or digital property.

The Data Web in Action While there has been remarkable progress made toward understanding the semantics of web content, the benefits of a data web have not reached the mainstream consumer. Without a killer semantic web app for consumers, site owners have been reluctant to support standards like RDF, or even microformats. We believe that app can be web search.

Can it improve local search adding a Microformats hCard code for the address or will it only help bad bots steal content from your site?

Above we linked to the daughter site AdSchoolWorld where the front page has a story with the heading "Marketing is a type of drama". There is a difference between a school and a university. The links in the upper right corner of AdSchoolWorld is mainly related to marketing as a business and art and not so much as a science. This may be good enough (and sometimes good enough is best) for a company seeking marketing advice. Marketing education at the university level must require more. Marketing at the university level, must be theoretic, mathematical, statistical and analytical. You may need more than high school mathematics to understand this and this paper. Both are intimately related to search engine algorithms and as such to search engine optimization.

Some love the mother, some the daughter and some, hopefully the father, loves both.

Then came the war. By the end of the war, the love affair between vector measure theory and Banach space theory had cooled. They began to drift down separate paths. Neither prospered. Much of Banach theory became lost in the mazes of the theory of locally convex spaces.

Source: J. Diestel and J.J. Uhl, Jr (Second printing 1979): "Vector measures." American mathematical society Providence, Rhode Island.

The cyberspace grows each day and web 3.0 may be about 3-D pages. Then 3-D grid search will be an important niche of general search. A locally convex space has many nice features. So the reason for a mother and a daughter site is mainly to separate them to two different but related spaces. But you may ask, isn't this site Ad Driven? Didn't we say that marketing is a type of drama or is it metaphysics? Related links:

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